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Fresh Produce

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Sedona provides a virtual one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions. Care is provided on an individual basis in a non-judgmental, empowering setting.

Work with Sedona to improve your experience with food, make peace with your body, and find freedom in making food choices. 

Experiential Nutrition Therapy

Sedona uses her time with clients to explore the whole nutrition experience - from shopping, to preparing, to enjoying. Clients are challenged and supported when food is incorporated into nutrition counseling sessions in a range of settings: in-office, restaurant outings, grocery store exploration, and more.

Fruit Sandwiches
Chia Pudding

Expert Nutrition Counseling for:

  • Weight Management

  • Prenatal Nutrition

  • Postpartum Nutrition

  • Childhood Nutrition

  • Intuitive Eating

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